Enter Cloud Suite has adopted a fully virtualized networking architecture, powered by 10Gbps switches and NICs for compute nodes and 40Gbps for storage nodes.
Overlay networks based upon VxLAN protocol guarantee proper L2 isolation between different tenants and customers. You can create networks and subnets, specify addresses statically or using DHCP capabilities. L3 routing is managed via dedicated namespaces and allows you to add public IPs (floating IPs) to your instances in order to provide external reachability to your servers.


Advanced network services include:

  • Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS)
    A dedicated HAProxy instance can be managed via web GUI, CLI or API to balance your workloads across several instances and to provide balancing and fault tolerance to your application.
    Remember: if you cannot balance your servers then it’s not about cloud!

  • VPN as a Service (VPNaaS)
    A dedicated OpenSWAN instance provides IPSec tunnel management to allow you out-of-band management network or to terminate VPC connections to your on-premise datacenter.

  • Security Group
    Firewall rules are associated directly with virtual machines.


We have worked hard with our trusted suppliers in order to get the most out of the network performances, choosing the best hardware and to guarantee that no network CPU overhead drains useful resources from your computing power. Try out our latency and bandwidth yourself!